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In this world where money plays an important can you imagine getting something for free? Do not panic today you can find many outlets that give away stuffs for free. No, they are not doing any social work. But yes they are giving different freebies. These outlets provide you free stuffs with best possible bargains and absolutely free. To find out who they are just perform a short search online and you can find a list of such sites.

There are number sites that give away absolutely free goods, completely free of no cost, but sometime you may have to pay for a shipping charge which is nominal. Other most popular way to get real free freebies is to fill a short survey and send your feedback about the companies’ newest product. Among the best giveaways are “the crazy frog free ring tones, cash for surveys, cinema tickets, quality beauty freebies, and car cash back offers. The list is endless. There are hundreds of places where you can get legitimate freebies. One of such free stuffs that you can find online is free antivirus software.

If your computer is getting frequent virus pop ups, it’s the time you start thinking about free anti virus software. With hundreds more viruses being created every month, all computers should have some form of virus protection. There are number of sites where you can find a round up of the Web’s best freeware anti-virus checkers and cleaners, which stop all kinds of “dodgy” files from entering your PC. You’ll no doubt be pleased to hear that the majority of programs listed here provide comparable protection to most commercial packages.

Getting good antivirus software is critical for the health of your computer, which is as good as getting a vaccine for your body when you are down with viral infection. Fortunately enough, this is a well-developed industry and there are many good anti-virus products on offer.

The anti virus software market for the most part has been a thriving one. With new viruses coming up everyday, anti virus software companies were always assured of good revenues.

But things started changing with the advent of free anti virus software. Given free anti virus software may not be as good as their commercial counterparts but they nevertheless, are pretty good for most computer users. Most free anti virus software come with even advanced detection technologies. What’s more, these free anti virus software keep their virus signature database updated regularly like any other commercial anti virus software!

Many people are of the opinion that commercial anti virus software are rip-offs. Most of them require renewal of licenses every year by asking a user to pay certain amount of money. If licenses are not renewed, such commercial anti virus software would stop detecting newer viruses. Free anti virus software, however, does not require such renewal of licenses. They are free to download, install, run and update as and when necessary.

One of the most popular free anti virus software is Grisoft’s AVG anti virus software. This free anti virus software is as good as a free software can get. There are no hidden malware and neither does one have to pay anything for using it. The virus signature database can also be updated without paying a fee! Unfortunately, this free version is however, meant for personal and non-commercial use only.

These are some of the best, completely free antivirus software and add-ons available on the internet for download.

Avast Home Edition: This is a completely free but one of the best antivirus applications available anywhere, which is intended for non-commercial use. You can download and register it on their website ( free of cost. The Avast Home Edition features an On Demand Scanner, On Access Scanner (to protect e-mail clients, instant messengers, etc). It also has P2P protection and a lightweight firewall. The NNTP Scanner can scan all Usenet Newsgroup traffic and all operations with files on PC. It also has a real-time protection feature which is rather powerful. Program and database updates are also incredibly fast.

602LAN Suite ( This secure mail server has an inbuilt antivirus and anti-spam guard. The firewall is meant to control internet sharing and is equipped with NAT and Web content filter proxy. It also features standards based SSL SMTP/POP3 e-mail server that enables encrypted communication, junk mail protection and an integrated fax server. Access to the Web mail client, shared address book, remote administration and user home pages is provided by the integrated Web server. Other features include includes text content based Bayesian spam filter, Web Mail Client with WAP support, network address translation, attachment filter, PureSight proxy content filter, auto-update and ActiveReports.

AntiVir Personal Edition Classic ( Another one of the few, but great free antivirus software available for download. The AntiVir PersonalEdition is for individual and private use on a single PC-workstation only, which can detect and remove more than 230,000 known viruses. It features a resident Virus Guard which monitors file movements automatically such as downloading of data from the internet. It scans and repairs macro viruses and protects against boot record viruses and master boot record viruses, Trojans, worms, and other malicious activities. You can easily update the database and support is free of charge through the AntiVir Bulletin Board (

AVG Free Edition: The free edition is available to home users for personal and non-commercial use on a single computer. Though it is limited in features compared to its professional counterpart, the AVG Free Edition does include useful features such as Automatic healing, Reliable scanning engine, Scheduled scanning frequency and Scheduled update frequency (both once a day only), Optional automatic update upon Internet detection, and Options to define file name extensions. There is also no technical support available.

Futureca AntiVirus Outlook: This is a special add-on designed specifically for Microsoft Outlook. It scans all incoming and outgoing mail messages for viruses in real time, and immediately alerts the user if it detects one. It is quite useful if you are a regular Outlook user, and the virus definition database can easily be updated over the internet. You can download it from

RAV4ICQ ( This is a free antivirus program intended to be integrated into ICQ, one of the most popular instant messengers in the world. The program checks for and removes several types of viruses, worms, Trojans and other malwares. It is easily configurable and can scan inside archives and take the desired actions for infected/suspicious files, and creates a log file for later reference.

There are many other free anti virus software out there. Not all of them are however, good enough to provide proper security to computers. Some free anti virus software do not come with advanced detection technologies and therefore, may fail to detect different variants of viruses. Such free anti virus software are not simply worth anything. If you are planning to get a free anti virus, it is important you do some homework on the software. Check the reviews of other users to find out how good, in reality, the free anti virus software is before you start trusting it wholeheartedly!

Empower your blog or Web site with an online antivirus scanner. Offer your visitors free protection right from your Web site. Free Online Antivirus does not cost anything to you or your visitors; it is essentially free for all purposes.

If your computer got infected with a virus or Trojan, it may be too late to research your options for the best and ultimate anti-virus solution. Getting rid of infection as soon as possible is your ultimate goal. What can be faster than a free scanner that runs from a Web browser with no installation and no licensing delays? Free Online Antivirus by Smart PC Solutions does exactly what the name suggests. It provides a completely, absolutely free virus protection from a Web browser. Launching in Internet Explorer as an ActiveX component, Free Online Antivirus requires no installation, no configuration and no licensing fees.

Free Online Antivirus does not require updates of its anti-virus database. Being an online-based product, it always has access to the latest virus definitions. By using Free Online Antivirus you are protected against all threats including those just recently discovered.

Running your own blog, forum or Web site? Help your visitors get the same level of virus protection as you have! Free Online Antivirus is freely redistributable. Simply download a small ActiveX component and link it onto a Web page as shown in the supplied sample, and your visitors will be able to run a free virus scan from your own Web site. Don’t want to upload an ActiveX file to your Web server? Just hot-link to that ActiveX component located on Smart PC Solutions Web site to give your visitors the ultimate free protection.

Get rid of that nasty virus right now! No need to pay for an anti-virus. No need to install anything. Just visit free software websites to scan your system and kill the infection online!


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